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NOTICE: If you have received an email with an alert including a link to submit your reason for missing jury duty, it is a scam and is not affiliated with Brazos County jury services in any way. Please do not click any links, as this is not how we contact individuals for failure to appear.


To learn more about jury duty, visit To learn more about this system, please see System Help below.

System Help

For general questions regarding how to use the system, please use the following sections:


Please provide as much contact information as possible. This data will be supplied to the judge as a record of your response. We will not use your information to contact you for any purpose other than reporting for jury service, nor will we share your data with any other business or organization.

Unless there is a * character next to the field, any information you provide is voluntary, but the Judge may require you to provide additional information at a later date.

Disqualifications and Exemptions


To serve on a jury, you must meet certain qualifications as established by the State of Texas (Government Code, Section 62.102). Disqualifications are for legal purposes only. They must not be used for personal excuses, such as illness or other hardship.

If you are ill or disabled and cannot personally appear, mail or deliver a physician's statement and your entire summons to Gabriel Garcia (the District Clerk) prior to the date of service provided at the end of this system.


If you meet certain criteria (per Government Code, Section 62.102), you might be able to claim an exemption, which would excuse you from jury service. You are not required to claim an exemption, but it is your choice to do so. You can also be excused for personal hardship, but this must be approved by a judge.


The scheduling section is provided as a convenience to Brazos County residents. While the Jury Services Office cannot excuse you from jury service due to a scheduling conflict, we will try our best to work within your available dates.

If you are given an assignment, you become a potential juror for that trial. After the jury is selected, the remaining citizens are excused from service. This process usually lasts one day.

Jury service is limited to weekdays (Monday through Friday) and usually lasts from one day to two weeks.

On the Scheduling Conflicts page (with the calendars), please use the following as a guide to select a date:

Click on a date on the calendar to tell us about an important conflict on that date. After a slight delay, that day will turn to a green color. If you want to deselect any day, click the day again, and it will return to the light blue color.

Use the following table as a guide to understand the box colors:

Color Title Description
Today Black Today The present day on the calendar.
Weekend Yellow Weekend The Courthouse is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
Available Blue Available By default, all dates are left as "available", meaning you don't have any scheduling conflicts.
Selected Green Selected as Not Available These are days that you have selected as having a conflict and will be unable to serve for Jury Duty.
Outsiderange Grey Outside Range You will not be selected for Jury Duty during these days.

Personal Questionnaire

The personal questionnaire is mandated by government code, section 62.0132. Your answers are confidential and may be disclosed only to the judge, court personnel, the litigant, and the litigant's attorney. You may choose not to answer a particular question, but an omission may result in your being asked to provide the answer during jury selection.

Most fields accept any format of data. For example, "01-01-1970" or "March 1st, 1953" are valid responses for the Date of Birth field.


Based on your responses, you may be given an assignment to appear as a potential juror, you may be postponed for service at a later date, you may be disqualified or exempt and therefore excused from jury service, you may be assigned as a Supplemental Juror, or you may be excused from jury service altogether if our upcoming trials are full of jurors.


If your schedule was too full for this summons, you are allowed one postponement of service. We will send you a follow-up summons at a later date, and you will be required respond to this system again.

Supplemental Juror

Supplemental jurors provide qualified jurors in case an emergency trial arises or a current trial doesn't have a large enough jury pool. As a supplemental juror, you are given a time period of possible service, but you have not been assigned to a specific court session. Should a court require more potential jurors, you may be required to appear for jury service.


The act of selecting a jury from the list of potential jurors, called the "panel" or "venire."
In-Person Impaneling
Impaneling that happens on site at a Brazos County designated facility.
Voir Dire
The preliminary examination of prospective jurors to determine their qualifications and suitability to serve on a jury, in order to ensure the selection of fair and impartial jury.
The list from which jurors may be selected.
A juror is someone who is selected for and serves on a jury. Brazos County randomly generates lists of potential jurors from the lists of registered voters and driver's license records.
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