Brazos County, Texas
*** ATTENTION: Jury service is one of the most important responsibilities of all Texans. Without competent and qualified jurors, our justice system suffers, as does our quality of life. With the recent events brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we want you to have accurate information. Until we are able to conduct trials in a safe manner, we won’t be having jury trials. But that doesn’t mean we need to stop planning for the re-opening of our courts. That’s why it’s important for EVERY citizen to respond to a jury summons. When you receive you summons, you’re being scheduled for service weeks from now. If folks fail to respond to that notice, and we’re able to resume trials, we will have no one scheduled to serve, and fall even farther behind. While we don’t wish to do so, please remember that the failure to respond to a jury summons can be considered contempt of court, and consequences may arise from your failure. Respond to your summons. It’s the right thing to do. ***


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